Monday, October 8, 2012

robocop's brother

I was seven years old when RoboCop came out on VHS; I eventually convinced my mother to let me rent the movie from our local store "video galaxy". [talk about badass box art] The first dozen or so viewings my mom would fast forward past the Murphy dismemberment; so I had a few gaps in Robo's origin story, but I was able to piece things together pretty well. [no pun intended.]  Before long I was obsessing about it, and drawing my own characters to fit within the universe; below, I give you one such creation..."RoboCop's Brother". 

I remember this baby feeling like a real milestone in my childhood drawing career. If I recall correctly, RoboCop's Brother was a fireman, horribly disfigured in a Detroit high-rise inferno.  Pronounced dead at the scene, he is later resurrected by Omni Consumer Products [OCP] and programmed with a single, primary hunt down RoboCop with "fire bullets." [AKA incendiary grenades]

For our 2nd annual Harmonix art show I thought it would be pretty hilarious to re-imagine this character; taking an only slightly more logical approach by letting my seven year old self make the majority of the design decisions. See the results of this experiment below.

Harmonix Artist Present: "Old School" Art Show and Gallery Opening @ Voltage Coffee House in Cambridge, Friday, October 12th from 7-10PM.