Saturday, November 20, 2010

enjoys wearing slippers

Now that Dance Central is in the wild, I'm pleased to be able to share a few concepts and character renders of "Mo" [the dude I consider to be the main man of the DC cast]. 

Mo was the first character I designed when the project kicked off. I had a very clear vision of him before I actually started sketching; and once I did, his look changed very little between the time of his original inception and his in-game appearance.

Generally, along with an initial batch of concepts, I like to scribble down a few notes about the character. [attitude,vibe, social hangups] and then, in most cases, a name quickly follows. It helps me solidify those drawings as a person that exists in my brain. One of the biggest quirks I had come up with for Mo, was that he loves wearing slippers. That's just how he rolls. This was a topic of much debate in-house, and I eventually ended up having to replace them with sneakers in his final model. [though they may or may not have been snuck back into the shipping build] Accessible via code? maybe. 

Let's just say, Mo is my buddy.

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