Tuesday, January 4, 2011

cover dude

I've got in my hands [hot of the presses] the January 2011 issue of "Game Developer Magazine" featuring a seven page postmortem on Dance Central. Main man Mo graces the cover with his trademark smile and charming good looks. The article is heavy on design and tech talk, but a few of my early character concepts make an appearance, along with a snippet of the original intro cinematic storyboard that I drew.

From "Game Developer Magazine":
"For the dev team, this was the perfect opportunity to break from the Rock Band paradigm and craft a new universe of characters and venues. We were confident that the controller-free, body tracking, and fully immersive capabilities of Kinect made it the right technology for our game. Further, the opportunity to work with choreographers and dancers on a daily basis injected a new energy into an experienced and seasoned team. However, like any team working on  a new IP, we made mistakes along the way, many of which were important learning experiences for us. The following is a selection of our most notable successes and missteps..."
For anyone interested in reading the entire article, a digital download will be available shortly at Game Developer Magazine's official site.