Wednesday, July 6, 2011

big in japan

Dance Central finally got around to launching in Japan last month, and with its release comes another round of press coverage. Emilia, Angel, and Miss Aubrey party down on the July issue of Famitsu's XBOX 360 Magazine. Dance Central scores an incredibly high "9/8/9/10", making it the best reviewed game of the month. Even a french maid gets in on the action.

In addition, I realized that I never posted links for the last two DC character sketchbook features from So here they are with some accompanying concept art and character renders below. [sketchbook #4 / sketchbook #5] I hope everyone enjoyed getting a behind the scenes look at the creation of the DC cast; if we're lucky maybe we can do something similar for the sequel.


  1. M and A are in the city tomorrow. I'll tell them to look for that famitsu- great coverage! Awesome sketch links as per usual.

  2. Hey Perly, I host a big party in SP, Brazil, and we running Dance Central battles and tournaments in the second floor of the house. I fucking love your black and white drawings of DC characters. I saved some pictures and was planning to vector them to make some ubber cool silk screens to give as trophies in the party. But now that I fond you, man, what do you say you send me some files, I take care of printing the tees (with your supervision) and we will have some fucking awesome piece of t-shirts!! I will send u some by mail. Please man! Lets do this!! What do you say? My mail its
    check the partie

  3. Wow I love your blog ^^ I and I love oblio