Tuesday, August 9, 2011

matching serials

During the summer months I tend to take a break from the "next gen" and revert back to the "arcade classics". For myself, the Neo-Geo is the very definition of the phrase. SNK's beast of a platform represents the pinnacle of 2D gaming. NOTHING could move sprites like this hardware. As players slowly traded pixels for polygons and rotatable cameras, the Neo-Geo held the front lines proudly, delivering hand drawn masterpieces, one after the next, throughout the mid-to-late '90s.  

I present to you one such masterpiece, Shock Troopers, developed by Saurus, and published by SNK in 1997. This game plays somewhat like a jacked up Ikari Warriors, but with multiple characters, branching paths, and some of the sweetest death animations, period.

Few things can really do it for me like a complete Neo-Geo MVS kit.  [This newly purchased beauty arrived on my doorstep today.] Shout-outs to my two favorite troopers, "Maru" and "Mary B."


  1. Very nice, man. I know how you feel- I bought a CPS2 cabinet and placed a CPS3 board in it last fall to have some SF3 action. Sprite based games forever! Also-great designs here, I enjoy checking out your work!

  2. Thanks man, appreciate it; did you ever pick up Warzard / Red Earth for the CPS3? That game is killer...

  3. Just gave Shock Troopers a spin yesterday. Soooo much better the 2nd Squad. Felt like I'd been drinking Pepsi my whole life instead of coke.