Sunday, March 27, 2011

again...legendary men...return!

With Dominance War V being a little too disorganized for my tastes this year; I've decided to jump ship and participate in a different [yet even more up my alley] competition:'s "BRAWL". Here is a little excerpt from the brief...

"BRAWL is a 3D Character and Environment Contest where you as artists are required to choose a FIGHTER or a STAGE from a fighting game of your choice (think Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Guilty Gear, Tekken, etc) and you are required to re-imagine your selected FIGHTER or STAGE. What does this mean exactly? Well, imagine if Street Fighter was based on the Wild West. What would the characters and environments look like? What if Mortal Kombat was set in a Victorian Steampunk setting? The possibilities are only limited to your imagination."

I've posted some work in progress of my character entry, a mid-40's Terry Bogard who has joined the local builders union. [above, the 3D sculpt in it's early stages, and below my 2D concept] The BRAWL ends May 6th. I'll keep you posted as things progress; it's going to get HECTIC.


  1. Nice.

    Were you agonizing over the inclusion of a hat, or did you figure that the classic hat could not be an option in order put some ground between Young Terry and Old Terry?

  2. Hey, checkout my latest post.

    I ended up modeling the hat. In the texture pass I made sure it looked faded and warn, which I think reinforces the passage of time for this design.

    Let me know what you think of the final renders.