Saturday, May 7, 2011

road to the final victory

The Polycount Brawl competition has come to a close after an exhausting 7 weeks. Putting in 10 hour days at the office and then working literally every minute of my free time [nights and weekends] on this thing has been incredibly taxing. I've posted my final renders, construction shots, and textures below, and thanks to my wife Julia for supporting me during this whirlwind ride.

Public voting starts next week, wish me luck.


  1. Hi, I follow your thread over at polycount. (eCzety)

    Great Model with those sharp details, and incredible texturing!!! Like I said before inspirational!!


  2. Ruben, thanks for following my thread.

    Great to hear you are digging the style; texturing the overalls took me forever, ha ha. [stitching and seam work].

    Thanks again for the kind words.


  3. Nice!

    I love that he's tossing the hat away, and I think the worn out look is the best way to do it.

    I noticed in the shot at the end that you included with your background sources that you show that clip from the newest Rambo. That definitely came across, and when I saw your last post I said to myself that he was looking exactly like old-man-bag-of-beef looks in Rambo/Rocky.

    I found a burned DVD of the movie in Laos and watched it on my laptop, and I'm fairly certainly I've never seen anything that gory before.

    It's pretty much exactly what I expected from the newest Rambo movie, and it was hilarious that I was watching it in Laos because I could have cross the border and been in Burma.

    Any word yet on the competition?